• As well as being a cognizant multimedia artist of unparalleled haunted libel, Trey Lane is the composer in residence for a number of planned planetariums throughout Neu Alabama, as well as the sites of several burned down Church’s (chicken franchise) locations in Olde Alabama. When he’s not wildly patterning baroque pagan audio anarchitecture (and pop songs,) he occasionally creates pseudo-entertainment video consumables. He’s currently in his 46th year of life and 18th year of focused independent art malpractice, residing in Chickasaw Alabama. He’s been referred to as “a veritable Rashomon of Southern free play,” as well as “a verifiable Rashomon of Southern foreplay,” (although that one may have been just a typo.)
    • dub char : De Brevitate Vitae
  • Microscoping howling metallic
    • in
    • Fabricated improv se
    • ntience, “ART”


          • x scar(e) compositions of progress, onion of apposites


      • Fabricated improv se


  • అంతరిక్ష ధూళి కణాలు