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What is J9 and how do I get into it? A Trenton Quarantino Production

[3/22/20 – ongoing]

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Thanks For Nothing

The only public screening of this 10+ year project, Thanks For Nothing will be exhibited Dec 13 2019 6pm-9pm at Sway Downtown

Begun in 2007 and completed in 2019, Thanks For Nothing is an epic poem of a splintered identity lost in an inescapable maze of narrative cul-de-sacs, on a quest for a place known only in a dream and derailed by the illicit transactions between you and the quantum reality next door. 

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if you want photographs and you aren’t boring HMU, I’m learning

Model: Caitie Jordan


SHE-CREEP was made for the 2019 NOLA 48-hour film project, and was nominated for

Best Actress – Lorna Dopson

Best Graphics

Best Special Effects

We took home the award for Best Special Effects (!)



Trailer for the Cuss & Spit Pictures entry in the 48 Hour Film Project New Orleans 2018

Screening Saturday, July 28, 2018 @ 9:00pm at the Solomon Victory Theatre at the National WWII Museum
945 Magazine Street, New Orleans 70130


May 26, 2018

After soliciting actor volunteers, I had a huge cast lined up for this and really didn’t know what to do with it (which is pretty normal.) One of the messages I got re: volunteers was a friend in Australia who said they wished they could help. I asked her to shoot something -anything- on her phone and send it to me, and I would figure out how to work it in. Anna Jones shot the video of the character you see who is “behind the shelves” and sent it to me. That small amount of odd video gave me the spark of an idea that led to what it ended up being.